SCRIP Gift Cards

About This Project


Scrip is a way to earn tuition credit by purchasing gift certificates. For example, say you need to buy a new refrigerator and decide on the $500 model at Lowe’s. Rather than heading to Lowe’s to make your purchase, you first buy a $500 Lowe’s gift card at MCA, and then use it to make your purchase at Lowe’s. Each retailer determines the percentage they are willing to donate back to MCA families and to our facility. A $500 gift card at Lowe’s, at a low 4% return, will earn you $10 in tuition credit and MCA $10! Many cards are well over a 4% return!
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Do you purchase gas for your vehicle? If a family spends $200 a month on gas purchases using a Speedway scrip card with a 4% discount, that is $4 back to MCA and $4 back to the family. The money that you earn will be applied to your tuition twice a year (December and May).


That alone doesn’t sound like much, but the average MCA family saves a minimum of $100 for each posting of credits!! In today’s economy, be wise and get the most out of every dollar spent on the necessities of our daily lives.


Each retailer determines how much of a discount to offer — from 2% to 15% or more. The idea is to make a little extra revenue for MCA through purchases you would make anyway, such as food, clothes, gifts, and even fuel. You can purchase gift cards in the MCA foyer, or online for an even bigger selection of retailers. Click Here For A List Of Retailers.


It’s so easy to purchase birthday and Christmas gift cards through MCA! Place your order online, and your gift cards will be delivered back to MCA, sometimes as fast as within two days!


Making a holiday meal or hosting a special event? Purchase gift cards through SCRIP and earn tuition credit in addition to throwing a great party!


For more information, contact our SCRIP Coordinator – Karon Harris – (317) 796-0690 or
* SCRIP is sold in the school foyer, Monday, Wednesday and Friday, 8:00 to 8:30 am. SCRIP can be purchased any time online and gift cards are delivered to MCA for pick-up.
Or shop online at – Setup your PrestoPay account to make purchases online!




What is SCRIP?
SCRIP is simply a word that means “substitute money” – in other words, SCRIP is gift cards from national and local retailers. They are the same gift cards that can be bought at the store.
How does SCRIP raise money for MCA?
MCA buys SCRIP from Great Lakes SCRIP Center at a a discount. MCA then sells those gift cards to our families for full face value to be redeemed for full face value. MCA raises money by keeping the rebate or discount.
How does SCRIP benefit our families?
MCA will split each families rebate total that they generate through the purchase of SCRIP cards. Twice each school year 50% of each families rebate total for that period will be applied to their families school account and the other 50% is used by MCA for school needs. Families can also choose to apply their 50% to another families account or let MCA keep 100% of the rebate they generate.
Does SCRIP require MCA families to sell anything?
The beauty of SCRIP as a fundraising tool is MCA families do not need to sell a thing. They simply buy SCRIP for regular household needs like groceries, gas, clothing, food, gifts, etc. and earn money for MCA while spending their regular shopping dollars. You are always welcome to sign up friends and family for the program and their purchases will earn you tuition credit as well!


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