Tuition Assistance

The following tuition assistance opportunities are available to help families make MCA possible:  The Choice Scholarship (voucher),  SGO Grant,  and tuition assistance opportunities (through FACTS) require a completed application for consideration.  Each program has its own application site and all require a Federal Tax Return from the previous year at the time of application.   Please do not hesitate to contact us with any questions regarding the tuition assistance options or the application process for each program.

 Tuition Assistance Program


Tuition Assistance may be available for families who have more than one child attending MCA and to families with children attending both MCA and Covenant Christian High School.  This program is not available to families receiving any other tuition assistance. Half-day Kindergarten and the Preschool Programs are not eligible for this assistance. Contact our billing director for more information.

 Tuition Assistance Grants


If you are not eligible for a SGO Scholarship or a School Choice Scholarship based on income eligibility and would like to explore the opportunity to receive a Tuition Assistance Grant you will need to apply through FACTS. There will be an application fee due at the time of application and the application must be submitted with a copy of your federal tax return.

Apply for FACTS Tuition Assistance Today.

 School Choice Scholarship (Voucher)


A School Choice Scholarship (voucher) allows parents to use public funds to pay for some or all of their child’s private school tuition. Vouchers are created and distributed by the state government. In Indiana the following guidelines are used to determine if your family is eligible to participate in this program.  After reviewing the following qualifications you may apply for Choice Scholarship by filling out the Voucher Application form within your online enrollment process.  All Choice Scholarship applications must be submitted with a copy of your federal tax return. To be eligible the following guidelines need to be met:

  1. The student received a Choice Scholarship (voucher) or SGO grant in previous years and is income eligible
  2. The student is a sibling of a student that received a Choice Scholarship (voucher) or SGO grant in previous years and is income eligible
  3. The student is transferring from an Indiana public school and is income eligible
  4. To be income eligible the following guidelines must be met:

Program Income Limit by Household Size


90% Choice Scholarship

1 Person in Household 22,459
2 Persons in Household 30,451
3 Persons in Household 38,443
4 Persons in Household 46,435
5 Persons in Household 54,427
6 Persons in Household 62,419
7 Persons in Household 70,411
8 Persons in Household 78,403

50% Choice Scholarship

1 Person in Household 33,689
2 Persons in Household 45,677
3 Persons in Household 57,665
4 Persons in Household 69,653
5 Persons in Household 81,641
6 Persons in Household 93,629
7 Persons in Household 105,617
8 Persons in Household 117,605
Apply for a Choice Voucher Scholarship Today.

 SGO Scholarships

Families with students who have never received a Choice Scholarship (voucher) or a SGO scholarship and are income eligible may apply for a SGO Scholarship. Receiving a SGO Scholarship will allow student to apply for a Choice Scholarship in the subsequent school year based on income eligibility.

SGO as Pathway


to Choice Scholarship

1 Person in Household 22,311
2 Persons in Household 30,044
3 Persons in Household 37,777
4 Persons in Household 45,510
5 Persons in Household 53,243
6 Persons in Household 60,976
7 Persons in Household 68,709
8 Persons in Household 76,442

SGO Scholarship

1 Person in Household 44,622
2 Persons in Household 60,088
3 Persons in Household 75,554
4 Persons in Household 91,020
5 Persons in Household 106,486
6 Persons in Household 121,952
7 Persons in Household 137,418
8 Persons in Household 152,884
Apply for an SGO Scholarship Today.

Tax Deduction

Tax Deduction

For those living in Indiana, the State introduced the Family Tax Deduction Program for families with children in private school, beginning in 2011:

“As part of HEA 1003, a small tax deduction can now be awarded to Hoosier families for their educational expenses. You may claim up to $1,000 per dependent child on your state taxes for your educational expenses (unreimbursed expenses only). Examples of such expenses are tuition and fees at a private school, textbooks, and other school supplies. The deduction applies to taxable year 2011 and thereafter.

Mooresville Christian Academy’s Federal ID# – 35-1344165

Printable FACTS Statements

Printable Statements Through FACTS

We are excited to share with you some features available through your FACTS account.  You have access to printable statements for all of your payments made in FACTS. You can log into your account and click on “Payment Plan & Billing”, “View Details”, the “Payments” tab and “View Printable Summary”. Once you are on the print summary page it allows you to print a summary of all payments made in FACTS for tuition and fees, childcare, field trips, etc. You can select the year or a date range of your choice.  You can also click on “View Details” under “Prepay  Accounts” where you can click on “Payments” and “View Printable Summary” for a statement of lunch money deposited in your child’s lunch account or Tax-Deductible Donations made to MCA in FACTS.
If you are turning in before and after care charges or preschool tuition and fees for a childcare tax deduction then our Federal ID number is 35-1344165.
If you are turning in elementary or middle school tuition and fees for the Indiana tax credit our school number with the Department of Education is C965.

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