Connecting to Community

There are many ways to get involved at MCA. Check out the upcoming event opportunities to see how you can serve!

Family Volunteer Service Agreement

Parent involvement in you child’s education is extremely important to the success of your child and our school at large.  Because parent involvement is so important, MCA requires parents to participate in a Family Service Agreement (FSA) to volunteer their time and talents to the school.  MCA families with students in kindergarten through eighth grade are required to volunteer 20 hours throughout the school year.  If preferred, families may select the buy-out option. The FSA will strengthen the partnership between the school and our families, which we feel is invaluable to the community atmosphere of our school. Many families serve well beyond 20 hours, and this agreement will enable all families to strengthen our school.

The highlights of this program include:


  • All families with students in kindergarten through eighth grade are required to serve 20 hours, regardless of number of children enrolled in MCA.
  • Extended family members, such as grandparents, may assist in serving these hours. However, children, under the age of 18 are not allowed to serve these hours.
  • Hours may not be transferred between families.
  • A $200 buy-out option exists for families not wanting or able to serve the 20 service hours. Please notify us at the beginning of the school year.  However, we will bill at semester for incomplete hours, but that time can be made up prior to the end of the school year.
  • Unserved hours will be charged at a rate of $10 each at the end of each semester. For example, if all hours are unserved, a charge of $100 will be placed on the family’s account at the end of each semester.


There are ample opportunities for service at MCA! Whether it’s assisting in your student’s classroom, working at the annual auction, participating at a school work day, or volunteering to assist teachers and staff…There are opportunities to suit every family’s skills, talents, and availability. The process for serving at MCA is easy. If you are unsure of where your skills and talents would best serve the students and faculty at MCA, feel free to contact the front office. We would be happy to help you find an opportunity that works for your family.



* Classroom parties and field trips would not be possible without parent participation. However, only a limited number of volunteers are needed for each event. Your child’s teacher will communicate how many volunteers are needed for specific events. Volunteers can sign up with teachers for opportunities to earn volunteer hours for these events as needed. Parents not earning volunteer hours are still welcome to attend and participate in most field trips and all class parties.

Logging Hours

We want to make logging hours as easy as possible for our MCA families. There are two ways to log your hours:


  1. Use SignUpGenius To Volunteer For Service – A staff member will verify your attendance and hours will be logged automatically.
  2. Log your hours in the classroom or with the front office.  Please include the event, description of services, and hours volunteered.


* Please sign-in and out at the front office window when you volunteer.  Be sure to fill out a Parent Volunteer Form before you leave so your hours can be verified and logged.


* All volunteer hours need to be submitted the day you serve. In the event you are volunteering your services off-site, you have ten days to contact the front office to log your served hours. 

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