Mooresville Christian Academy has been complementing Christian families and churches, by
providing an excellent Christ-centered education, and preparing young people to grow in faith,
scholarship, leadership, and stewardship. It is our belief that all students should have access to
excellent Christ-centered education with an emphasis on a culture of learning and
improvement. After seeing our ISTEP scores dip we wanted to put a plan together that could
help address all learning and help improve our ISTEP scores and our school grade. We will
implement several grade specific strategies and best practices to enhance an already rigorous
curriculum. Below you will see information on our scores, and our school grade, as well as how
we plan to address these needs via the school improvement plan.

The ISTEP scores showed a lack of growth in 2016-2017 resulting in MCA receiving a D grade
from the IDOE. The growth, or lack thereof, was strongly driven by the lowest 25% scorers in
our school. That bottom 25% averaged a 64.2 as the school as a whole had an average of 77.8.
For a point of reference: the state average was 98 with a range of 53-148 within the state.

These results are not acceptable to the Administration, the Teachers, the School Board or our
most valuable stakeholders, the parents themselves. We certainly had already made some
changes during the second semester of 2016-2017 by advancing students ahead a grade level in
mathematics. We want to push all of our students to be prepared for high school and be college
and career ready. For our bubble students and NP students, we want to provide them with
remediation and necessary tools to make them successful.

Here are areas of change that the Curriculum Committee feels the Plan needs to focus for

*NWEA is given three times a year. All students take this assessment at the beginning and end
of the school year, and a group of students who are identified as ‘bubble and NP students’ take
the test in the winter so we as a school can measure whether or not the school is moving the
students in the right direction academically.

*MCA is looking to institute a method known as ‘critical friend’s process’ that is being used in
many school districts across the country. These best practices will enhance the current
teacher’s lessons and give them thought partners to bounce thoughts and ideas off each other
in a ‘critical friend’s group’ prior to lesson rollout to the students.

*Last, it is the belief of the Curriculum Committee that one of the key components of success in
students is parent involvement. We are recommending that third and fourth grade parents sign
a form concerning the use of the REFLEX grant for students in those grades. The grant is
contingent upon students using the website 20 minutes a day. It is the Committee’s
recommendation that at least two of those usages be required to take place at home with
active participation by the parents.