Foreign Exchange

Once again, Mooresville Christian Academy has had the wonderful opportunity to host two foreign exchange students. Both of our exchange students come from Guatemala and are staying with host families through a program called Jump the World.  Families participating  in the program as a host family are matched with a foreign exchange student of a similar age to students in their own family.  Students are given the choice of which state they would like to reside in for the duration of the two month program. Both students chose Indiana as the best representation of our American culture and we are thrilled to have them.

We are happy to have Jose join us in our eighth grade class this year. Jose is thirteen  years old and speaks Spanish, English, and German. He says it was his idea to become a foreign exchange student, but he adds it did not take much effort to get his parents on board. Jose is always smiling and is ready for anything his new classmates invite him to partake in. He has been having such a good time here at MCA and with his host family that he says he often forgets to call home, and he has not been homesick in the least. He loves hanging out with his new friends and would recommend the foreign exchange program to others.

Also joining MCA is seventh grader Camila. Camila is twelve years old and speaks Spanish and English.  Like Jose, she enjoys experiencing a new culture and getting to know new friends. She says she is very entertained by her classmates and their comical antics that make her laugh. Camila also enjoys singing and dancing and is always ready to teach MCA students a song from her country. Most recently she joined the MCA cheer squad and says it is great fun cheering for the athletic teams. Like Jose, Camila would also recommend the exchange program. She hopes to visit the United States of America again one day.

For a short time, two different worlds have met here in the town of Mooresville due to the opportunities provided by Jump the World, and it has proven to be a positive experience that has enriched lives from both cultures. Two students sacrificed their summer vacation for a chance to learn from a new experience, and the result was better than expected for them and the people who touched their lives.