Faculty and Staff


 Bruce Peters

Head of School, ext. 103  – [email protected]

  Matt Bryant

Dean of Students, ext. 128 – [email protected]



Middle School/High School Faculty

  Matt Bryant

Bible Teacher, ext. 128 – [email protected]


  Jennifer Burton

English and Keyboarding Teacher, ext. 104 – [email protected]


  Mary Cooper

Social Studies Teacher, ext. 107 – [email protected]


  Megan Dowden

Mathematics & Student Mentoring Teacher, ext. 110 – [email protected]

  Yasmin Guerra

Spanish Teacher, ext. 206 – [email protected]


 Hannah Peters

Math & Science Teacher, ext. 111 – [email protected]


  Melissia Stevens

English Teacher, ext. 109 – [email protected] 

  Connie Wagner

Science Teacher, ext. 105 – [email protected]

  Sara Robertson

Bible Teacher, ext. 112 – [email protected]

Elementary Faculty

  Renee Decker

Kindergarten Teacher, ext. 304 – [email protected]

  Rebecca Rosemeier

Kindergarten Teacher, ext. 301 – [email protected]

  Marilyn Bowman

1st  Grade Teacher, ext. 306 – [email protected]

  Faith Warren

1st Grade Teacher, ext. 305 – [email protected]

  Shelley Maze

2nd Grade Teacher, ext. 205 – [email protected]

  Hannah Baranski

2rd Grade Teacher, ext. 207 – [email protected]

  Nina Brock

3rd Grade Teacher, ext. 209 – [email protected]

  Laura Rahn

3th Grade Teacher, ext. 402 – [email protected]

  Micah Hill

4th Grade Teacher, ext. 210 – [email protected]

Eagles Nest Preschool Faculty


  Ashley Martin

Preschool Director &4 Year Old Teacher, ext. 312 – [email protected]

  Jamie Stout

3 Year Old & 4 Year Old Teacher, ext. 313 – [email protected]

  Sarah Lepine

Preschool, ext. 112[email protected]

Specials Faculty & Staff

  Faith Hayden

Music  Teacher, ext. 406 – [email protected]

  Barbara Peacock

Reading Specialist, ext. 202 – [email protected]


  Gretchen Vester

Physical Education Teacher, ext. 403 – [email protected]

  Yasmin Guerra

Spanish Teacher, ext. 206 – [email protected]



 Mike Linville

Band Teacher, ext 404 – [email protected]


 Curt Beaty

Fine Art Teacher – [email protected]

Additional Staff


  Megan Blaschke

Office Manager  – ext. 102- [email protected]

  Tonya Pick

School Nurse & Administrative Assistant, ext. 117 – [email protected]

  Mellissa Davidson

Office Manager & Finance, ext. 108 – [email protected]

 Curt Beaty

Athletic Director – [email protected]

  Erin Craney

Development Director – [email protected]

 Dan Carmichael

Director of Advancement – [email protected]


Before/After Care Providers







Board of Directors

Mark Wright



John Ward


Jon Doran



Amanda Ardizzone