* All lunch order forms are online. Orders for the week need to be submitted by 8:15am each Monday morning.

MCA offers a daily catered menu, or students can bring their own lunch to school. Please provide a balanced lunch, for it is essential to your child’s best physical and mental health. We do provide the opportunity for students to purchase hot lunches, beginning with the second week of school.


This year our lunch providers are: Kroger Deli, Kentucky Fried Chicken, Chick-Fil-A, Sal’s Pizzeria, and Dairy Queen. We are pleased to announce that we will also be offering menu items from our kitchen at MCA. Lunch options subject to change throughout year.


Payment options are available through FACTS.


Lunches are $4.50 each.


For students who do not have a lunch, they will be provided with a heat up and pudding at a cost of $4.50. No outstanding balance will exceed $12.00.


Milk or juice may be purchased on a semester or yearly basis. White milk, chocolate milk, strawberry milk, or orange juice are available.

One Semester: $37.50

One Year: $75.00


This fee is a flat rate and there is no credit given for the day(s) students do not attend school (or decide not to drink milk).


Please let the front office know if you would like to order milk for your student.