Elementary Technology - Second and Third grades focus on keyboard awareness, and complete a unit of study on PC Basics, learning the parts of the computer and how a computer functions.  We also cover Internet safety and cyber etiquette.  We introduce educational games supporting Math, English and Science, and learn Kidpix to teach graphics and learning skills.

Fourth and Fifth grades work on accuracy first, then speed;  the  4th grade goal at 15 words per minute, and 5th grade goal at 20 words per minute, by the end of the quarter.  Second quarter is a unit on Internet safety and cyber etiquette.  The internet is used for educational games supporting Math, English and Science.  We introduce search engines for research purposes, and learn to discern good information from bad information.  In second semester, these skills are used to do such projects as an Indiana History notebook, and creating a brochure on a country of their choice.  We also review basic computer hardware care.

Junior High Technology - This project-based class will be able to competently use the Microsoft Office Suite (Word, PowerPoint and Excel) as well as expertly search the World Wide Web for information. Students also learn about 21st century skills. Sixth grade students will discuss topics such as goal-setting, how to take notes, how to study, and other topics that relate to getting the most out of their educational experience. Seventh graders will learn about copyrighting, rights of creators, how to safely navigate and express themselves online, etc. By the time students are in eighth grade they are well prepared for high school technology courses.

Parent Technology Resource -

According to MCA's Student Handbook and Internet Usage Form signed by parents and students during the enrollment process, all students are expected to serve as positive ambassadors for Mooresville Christian Academy. Any use of technology, social networking sites, blog sites, etc. creates a risk of impacting your personal testimony and Christian witness. It is vital that you conduct yourself in a way that does not change your standing as a student at MCA.


MCA uses safe-searches and filters for all student technology while here at school. Parents are strongly encouraged to protect their children by providing PC and device filtering/monitoring while at home or on mobile devices. MCA does not endorse specific filtering or monitoring systems but offers the following companies as a starting-place when you research options for your family. Click on the following icons for more additional information:


Covenant Eyes Family Plan        Covenant Eyes 40 Day Challenge       Qustodio Monitoring Solutions



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An Adobe Acrobat file Student Internet Usage and Social Media Policy



The documents listed above are available for you to download.  They do require the Adobe Reader (free software) to view.